In the Sign of the Cross

Belgramoni Tacco Palace, mezzanine

Between the 4th and 10th centuries A.D. the territory of the northern Adriatic and its karst outskirts encountered numerous important shocks and changes, from the downfall and ruin of the Western Roman Empire, the migration of people, the short-term success of the attempts of the Eastern Roman Empire to regain the lost territories, Frankish supremacy, Slavic settlement, to the beginning of the ascent of Venice. The common thread of the time is Christianity, which marked most of the 1st millennium.

The display includes archaeological testimonies, connected to the abovementioned events, from the findings of hoards of coins in Čentur, research in the high-altitude fortified settlement Ajdovščina over Rodik as a part of the defence territory of karst blockades, the countryside with Roman farms, the spreading of Christianity, testified to almost exclusively by small objects bearing Christian symbols, the origins of urban settlement on the former island of Koper and the Slavic settlement in the hinterland, testified to by findings from the graves of the old Slavic cemetery in Predloka.

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