The Heart of Koper

The heart of Koper is a permanent collection that completes the museum trail in the Belgramoni-Tacco palace with a concise review of the history of Koper since the Roman times. The collection is designed for the tourists who are here for the first time and for the inhabitants. A theme, so extensive and varied, is presented in two parts. The first part contains a historical overview in text. The second part exhibits archaeological objects, mainly found in the recent excavations in the Old Town and are now exposed for the first time. Each object holds a story of Koper as it once was.

The collection has a modular structure, which means it’s changing cyclically. The common thread of the layout is a chronological overview of the development of Koper, which is refreshed every time the exhibition presents new objects, stories and activities. The collection uses innovative multimedia approaches, interactive corners and a prize quiz at the end. Visitors are also invited to contribute to the collection by sharing their personal stories, memories and views on life in Koper yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The following experts participated or helped in any way in the designing of the exhibition: mag. Radovan Cunja (PMK), Marko Bonin (PMK), Tina Novak Pucer (PMK), Edvilijo Gardina (PMK), dr. Luka Juri (PMK), Ivan Simčič (PMK), Leopold Čeh (PMK), dr. Salvator Žitko, Vlasta Beltram, Matej Župančič, ddr. Verena Vidrih Perko (Gorenjski muzej Kranj); dr. Zrinka Mileusnić (Univerza na Promorskem), dr. Mojca Kovač (ZVKDS OE Piran), Barbara Hofman (Okra s.p.), dr. Boris Kavur (UP), dr. Teja Krašovec (PAK), dr. Katja Hrobat Virloget (UP), Neža Čebron Lipovec (UP), dr. Samo Štefanac (UL), mag. Peter Štoka (OKSV Koper), Laura Chersicola (OKSV Koper), Luka Tul (Škofijski arhiv Koper), prof. Zaccaria, dr. Alessandra Argenti Tremul, Boštjan Viler (PMK), dr. Katharina Zanier (ZVKDS OE Piran), dr. Tatjana Bradara (AMI), Andrej Preložnik (UP), dr. Tina Milavec (UL), dr. Irena Lazar (UP), Primož Predan (PJP d.o.o.), Alberto Cernaz, Barbara Nadtbach, Tomaž Fabec, Pavel Jamnik.

The authors of the exhibition are dr. Maša Sakara Sučević, Brigita Jenko, Noel Mirković and Tim Mavrič.

The objects are restored by Ajda Purger, Brigita Petek, Nada Šmid (Pokrajinski muzej Celje).

Design of the overall layout: Noel Mirković.

Regional museum Koper, 2017, director dr. Luka Juri, CEO.

The collection was made possible by the Republic of Slovenia Ministry of Culture, Municipality of Koper, Unione Italiana - Italijanska unija – Talijanska unija. The collection is partially funded by the European Union and the Municipality of Koper as a part of the project of reconstruction Koper Regional Museum - Palace Belgramoni-Tacco, the European Regional Development Fund "Investing in your future" in 2015.

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Closed on Mondays and on January 1st, May 1st, November 1st and December 25th

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