Fritaja - herbal omelette

Fritaja, frtaja, frtada, the name comes from the Italian word fritto (meaning “fried”). Since remote times, eggs have been one of the elements of various dishes. Fritaja is one of the most common and popular egg dishes. It resembles an omelette. The basic recipe is scrambled, salted and fried eggs in olive oil. Frittatas are prepared with various additions, depending on the time of year, and so we know frittatas with seasonal plants such as asparagus, bryony, butcher’s broom, young shoots of garlic. They also prepared meat fritaja with prosciutto, bacon and sausages.

The herbal fritaja is an egg omelette prepared with added herbs, in Istria called erbe per ovi. Seasonal herbs such as fennel, peppermint, lemon balm, yarrow, chives, rosemary etc. were mixed into the herbal fritaja. Istrian women used to tie herbs into bouquets and bring them to Trieste for sale. Fritaja was usually a dish for dinner or brunch and was eaten with polenta.

Ingredients: eggs, salt, pepper, seasonal herbs. Preparation: beat the eggs in a bowl (you can add a little of white flour and milk), add salt and pepper. Wash, dry and slice the herbs and add to the mass, heat the olive oil in a frying pan and cook on both sides. You can add  prosciutto or bacon.

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