Whose Child is Resting Here? The story from the Frontier

20. april 2022 - 24. april 2022 Washington D.C.

On Wednesday, April 20, 2022, the exhibition of the Koper Provincial Museum was presented at the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Washington D.C.

During the late 3rd century B. C., the Roman Republic was expanding beyond the borders of the Italian peninsula, and at the eastern shores of the Adriatic ran into a rebellious tribe - the Histri. Three bloody wars and two hundred years later, the Romans conquered them, took over their land, and a new political and social order was established.

The story of Roman colonists and their relationship with the natives unfolds through a unique archeological artifact, the alabaster urn, in which the remains of a dead child were placed 2000 years ago.

At the same time, the exhibition draws interesting parallels with the colonization of the New World, and points to the influence that Ancient Roman culture had on the founding of the United States centuries later.

Exhibition coordinator: dr. Masha Saccara

Authors of the exhibition: dr. Maša Saccara, Špela Prunk, Andrej Preložnik, ddr. Verena Perko

Design: Ana Hawlina, Ad Pontem Institute

Virtual reconstruction and animation: Arctur d.o.o.

The exhibition was financially supported by: the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Koper


Click the link and see the short Alabaster movie: https://alabaster.arctur.net/zara08.mp4

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